Dallas Morning News notes Eroy Brown’s story

Veteran journalist Si Dunn wrote a short description of The Trials of Eroy Brown for The Dallas Morning News for its Texas and Southwest Books Roundup:

A prizewinning journalist has dug deeply and impressively into a double killing that still haunts the Texas Department of Criminal Justice more than 30 years after it happened. In 1981, a prison farm manager and a warden were killed by a black inmate who claimed self-defense. Many expected that Eroy Brown would be executed. But a year earlier, Texas inmates had won a huge federal civil rights victory against “unrelenting cruelty” in the Texas prison system. In multiple trials after the killings, juries considered the state’s evidence and found Brown not guilty. The verdicts, writes Berryhill, who heads Texas Southern University’s journalism program, “marked the end of Jim Crow justice in Texas.”

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